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September 30, 2010


Denis Shaw

As Limey's next door neighbor from 1973, I can say that many of those cats strayed. We caught and spayed and neutered so many I have lost count. I have found homes for close to a hundred of their kittens. I ran out of friends to beg for adopting them. After 1973, there were no more of his cats wandering the woods. They found food and comfort next door, my cat food bill over the years will attest to that.

Patty O'Sullivan

This may be local lore, but did Limey lose half his tongue in a motorcycle accident?

Hod Gotschall

Limey was all that and more. My wife and I are lucky enough to have the last Limey brick job in our cottage. He left one morning because we had forgotten to have a six pack of Coors sitting in his wheelbarrow. Towards the end of the job I got a call from my wife. She told me Limey was leaving unless I found some abolone shells. I thought where in La Honda am I going to find any shell. They happened to be using abolone shells for ashtrays at the local restaurant. I grabbed a few, cleared them up and when I go into the cottage now. That's the first thing that catches my eye. I have many memories of Limey. From my days as a bartender at Apple Jack's. Six to noon weekend morning. To my years on the Fire brigade. What a classic part of La Honda

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