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May 08, 2015


Gail Chalios

Please, for your NEXT issue, would you be so kind as to publish the following: Thank you. Gail Chalios 650.747.0738


La Honda Road, Alpine Road, and Skyline Boulevard have become late-night racetracks. Many of you in the community are aware of this situation, and a few of you have actually encountered them, however, the problem is the racing has not stopped, and not enough reports have been filed with the authorities for them to take our complaints seriously before someone is injured or killed.

Patti Begley of the South Skyline Association brought up this same issue to their skyline communities as well, publishing the following article in their monthly newsletter:

Night Street Racing Incident Reports are Needed
In .June 2014 the SSA Board met with CHP departments and CA State Parks representatives to discuss the late night racing and drifting performed on our roads, parking areas, turnouts, and intersections. We were told that due to limited resources, changes in patrolling can only happen if we provide a good log of incidents (day/time/place) that the authorities can use to justify the need for increasing patrols on target that will result in the most effective outcome.

Most of this activity seems to occur after 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights, although it is not limited to the weekend. They often arrive in groups and are usually driving sports cars. Even though these activities seem to be increasing, we have received very few incident reports from residents. We will get no help from law enforcement unless we can show a pattern of activity. This is especially important for nighttime racing as the daytime weekend activity is being patrolled.

These are the types of activities that have been observed and would be of interest to the CHP:
• Groups of cars gathering in the parking lots and intersections after sunset.
• Racing down Highway 9, Skyline, or La Honda Road (sometimes taking up both lanes).
• Drifting (doing doughnuts in parking areas and turnouts).
• The noise of several cars racing and /or speeding throughout the night and early morning hours.

One helpful method would be to keep a running log of noise and eye witness descriptions. Aggregate the information (as opposed to sending email daily) to the email address below. Any reports of incidents will help to get the attention of law enforcement and prevent a tragic accident. The email address is ssa.road.reports@gmail.com.


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